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Fire to Middle

Follow Todd from his family’s devastating house fire to middle school graduation. He is met with challenges and opportunities that he works to overcome with the support of friends, family, and teachers.


Meet the Author

Cameron De Jong was born in Bath, New York in 1979 and subsequently grew up in North Carolina with his family. In 1993, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which has served as a catalyst for his strong advocacy for diabetes awareness and research. He pursued his education at Elon University, obtaining his BA in Political Science in 2002. 

Since 2006, Cameron has held positions in sales and marketing leadership, where he has consistently inspired and guided diverse teams to achieve exceptional results. While his professional career has flourished, his passion for creative writing took root during his high school years, where he began crafting numerous smaller works. 

Fire to Middle stands as his debut novel, based loosely on his childhood experience. Having lived in various states, including New Hampshire, South Carolina, and North Carolina, Cameron currently resides in Leander, Texas with his partner and three cherished canine companions. When not immersed in writing, he finds solace in traveling, basketball, and being a lifelong learner.

Cameron DeJong
Marketer, Leader, and Writer

Fire to Middle

Story Overview

Follow Todd’s journey from his earliest childhood memory of a devastating house fire to his eight grade graduation.
Despite facing numerous challenges such as a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, struggles with making the school basketball team, and turbulence with his closest friends. Todd finds solace in the deep love of his mother.
Throughout his middle school years, he cherishes moments of grace, gratitude, and adoration while relying on the support of those dear to him.
Discover how Todd overcomes obstacles and progresses towards his graduation day.
10% of Profits Will Be Donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
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I find this book very inspirational. The story is filled with love and compassion. We need more books like this one.

Janet Garcia

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Keith Everett

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Middle to Hi(gh)

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